Can you help the ‘Scaredy Cats’

We are looking for loving, forever homes for what we call Scaredy Cats – these cats aren’t feral but they are not fully socialised and will probably never be lap or house cats. 

Scaredy Cats are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and are ready to move on to a suitable outdoor home, with shelter such as an outbuilding, barn or shed. You must be willing to put the work in in gaining their trust, it won’t happen overnight!

Scaredy Cats need a safe secure place for up to a month before being allowed out so they know where their new home is. It is important that a Scaredy Cat is given food and shelter and is treated regularly for fleas and worms.  Although they aren’t house cats they still need to be cared for, as would any pet.

Please do get in touch if you can help a Scaredy Cat find its ideal home – contact us by email or messenger.

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