The aim of Animal Krackers is to find permanent, loving homes for all our animals.

Whilst in our care, we will ensure they’re warm, well fed and looked after, but ultimately what we want is to find them somewhere they can feel safe and loved for the rest of their lives.

We ask that all potential adopters give serious consideration to what they are committing to before they offer to take in an animal. Although cute and cuddly, they all require time and patience and can be expensive to care for. Many of our animals have already been through a tough time and while we will take an animal back if the trial period does not go well, we want to minimise the upset and stress caused to the animals. Please think carefully before deciding to adopt.

If you’re interested in adopting any of our animals, please Contact Us

Some useful information about our adoption procedure is below:

Rehoming policy for dogs

Dogs are taken on trial before re-homing. The trial period is for two weeks. You may view dogs at the kennels and take them for a walk before they are taken on trial. You are asked to complete an “on trial” form before taking a dog home.

A home check is required before a dog is adopted. The adoption fee for young healthy dogs is normally £100.

In the case of very popular breeds where a dog is young and healthy we may ask for £120, but not more. The adoption fees we ask for are generally lower than elsewhere and we do, of course, have dogs vaccinated before they are rehomed and either pay for neutering or provide a voucher. During the trial period the charity will also pay for the cost of any veterinary treatment which is required.

For older dogs and dogs which have been at the kennels for some time the fee is lower. The minimum fee is £20. We now ask for the adoption fee to be be paid after the home check but before a dog leaves the kennels. If the trial has not been successful the fee will be repaid.

If  you have signed an “out on trial form” it is not necessary to complete an adoption form.  Once you have paid the adoption fee (and signed for responsibility for taking one of our dogs) the dog is legally yours.  Please comply with our adoption conditions.   The adoption fee is not normally returnable.

Once a dog is adopted Animal Krackers is not responsible for vet fees.

Please read the Adoption agreement for dogs, below

Adoption agreement, dogs

I have completed or will complete an “Out on Trial” form.  The conditions for taking a dog into my home, the payment required, etc., are understood./div>

The trial period is normally 2 weeks.  While dogs are out on trial they remain under the ownership of the charity. Ownership commences once the trial is over and the adoption fee has been paid.
I agree:
1.under no circumstances to part with my pet except to return it to Animal Krackers if, for whatever reason, we are unable to keep it.
2. To ensure the animal receives qualified veterinary care and treatment.
3. To acknowledge and accept that Animal Krackers retain the right to reclaim the animal, at their discretion, if they consider  it is being kept in any way that they deem to be unacceptable.
4. To ensure that the dog is neutered (if this has not already been undertaken).
5. To consider seriously the advantages of taking out an insurance policy.
6. That any fees donations or veterinary costs cannot be refunded if the animal is returned.
7. To take particular care that children treat animals with respect and care. In particular, that children do not hug animals, pull their tails or generally handle them inappropriately.
8. That it is recognised that Animal Krackers can only assess animals on the basis of information communicated by past owners, foster carers and staff at the kennels. (thus, Animal Krackers cannot always assess animals in a domestic situation; they cannot always predict how animals will behave in a new home.)
9. That Animal Krackers take every care to match animals with adopters. In the event that an injury is sustained through biting or scratching by the adopted animal, responsibility does not lie with Animal Krackers or its volunteers
10. That adopted  dogs are micro chipped as soon as possible and that an identification disk is fitted to dogs.
11. That dogs adopted should be exercised regularly and not denied companionship for a period of time.

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Rehoming policy for cats

We ask for a donation of £60 for a kitten or adult cat as all our adult cats have been neutered/spayed, given flea and worm treatment and vaccinated against cat flu. Kittens will leave us with their first year vacs covered by the charity and a voucher for free neutering too.

As with dogs, a home check will be required before a cat is adopted.

If, for whatever reason, a cat has to be returned we will always accept them but it may not be possible straight away due to lack of spaces. We are always willing to help with any problems or queries. Our aim is a happy owner with a happy cat.

We hope you and your new pet will have many happy years together. The following is just a brief list of suggestions to help him/her settle in as easily as possible.

  • On arrival, let the cat out in the place where he’ll be fed and where the litter tray is. Have some food ready. Make sure the house is secure so the cat can’t get out (e.g. close the doors/windows). Cats can also get into the smallest spaces (e.g. under floorboards)
  • Cats can be fussy eaters so it’s often a matter of trial and error finding out what they like. As to quantity, we suggest either three sachets or two half-tins of moist food a day, supplemented by dried food for snacking. Always have a bowl of water available and change it at least once a day.
  • A new home is a strange place for cats and they may need some time to settle in. If there are no other animals in the house this is usually very quickly. If there are other cats it can take a while as they get used to them and the first reaction is likely to be to hide.
  • Let the cat come to you as that means it’s relaxed and settling in.
  • Always keep the cat in the house for the first four weeks otherwise it may run off and get lost.
  • All our cats have been checked by a vet, vaccinated and neutered. They will recently have received flea and worm treatment. As far as we know they are in good health and if they have had any problems while in our care they will have received veterinary treatment for it. But in many cases we are dependent on what we have been told by their previous owners (if known).
  • It’s a good idea to register your new cat with your vet – we recommend Vets4Pets at Fulwell (phone 01915487200) who run a brilliant value vaccinations for life scheme and King’s Road Vets at Southwick (phone 01915493535) – and have them give the cat a quick check.
  • Insurance is well worth considering, if you can, so that you aren’t faced with any difficult decisions should the worst happen.
  • We also strongly recommend micro-chipping, if they aren’t already, and if they are to go outside. Any vet will do this quickly, easily, and cheaply and it gives you extra peace of mind.
  • Cat toys and cat play furniture are all useful things to have as long as you realise that the cat may completely ignore them, just as they may ignore the lovely expensive cat bed you bought in favour of the cardboard box in the corner. Do have at least one reasonably sized scratching post.Cat tunnels are great fun for them and not expensive.
  • Once you’ve taken the cat home they are yours. Animal Krackers will never pester you about them. But if you ever need help or advice, we are just a phone call or email away, or if you’d just like to tell us how happy you all are. We like that.
  • If, for whatever reason, you decide at some point you can’t keep the cat, please let us know and we’ll take it back – just try and give us at least a week’s notice.

Rehoming policy for rabbits & guinea pigs

All rabbits are vaccinated, neutered and have had a full vet check. A donation of £25 is requested per rabbit / £45 for a pair.

Rabbits require lots of space. We ask that rabbits be given at least 32 square feet of space (hutch + run).

You can also read our Guide to Bunny Bonding HERE

A £10 donation is requested for a guinea pig.