UPDATE: Princess found a wonderful home with wonderful people, and other cats!!

Our lovely lady Princess got to spend the Christmas holidays in a warm and cosy foster home. We thought you might be interested to hear how she got on.

Princess is a pretty tabby and white cat – her exact age is unknown however we think she’s around 2 years old. She came into rescue when her previous owners separated and neither were able to keep her.

She’s a little cautious round new people and can be defensive if she feels threatened but when she feels safe, she can be quite affectionate and likes a good head rub. She also likes Dreamies so they’re a good way to win her over!

Princess has issues which are not her fault and she needs time and understanding to enable her to trust humans again. I have watched her grow in confidence over the last eight weeks she has been with me. She would make someone a wonderful companion, and is a very loving and affectionate cat who will have you laughing.
Princess has no interested in going outside, but loves to sit on the windowsill and watch the birds. When she spots birds in the garden she will belt around each room like Mo Farah on his last lap of a race. The more you laugh at her the more she shows off. She also enjoys me time playing with flashing balls and an assortment of cat toys.
I had a TV program on about cats the other night. As soon as Princess heard the cats she took off from the back of my chair and hid under the bed. So she doesn’t appear to like to share her space with other cats. She also runs and hides when she hears a dog bark or children playing outside.

Princess is naturally nosy and loves to follow me around. The first few days she kept getting shut in cupboards, so soon learnt to wise up to the fact that certain doors are opened and shut quickly. Princess loves to see what she can steal from drawers. Also has her special mat on the work top so that she can sit and watch me.
It has not all been plain sailing and to be honest I nearly gave up after 24 hours. I didn’t know what she had been through and why she was defensive and hiding. I had to re-learn about damaged cats and their fears, but soon trial and error allowed us both to bond, and learn to trust each other.
Princess had withdrawn into herself and for two weeks I couldn’t pick her up or cuddle her. She would be scared and defend herself by appearing to hit out at me or attempt to bite me. This behaviour I am sure was due to her previous experiences but now that she’s settled, she understands that people (and hands) can be gentle and kind.

Princess now has a wonderful routine and loves interacting with me.  I still can’t get her to sit on my lap, but she will sit on the arm of my chair, or on the chair back, and purr like a steam engine if I speak to her or tickle the side of her head. Every time I pass her I always speak to her, calling her sweetie and telling her she is a good girl. I always tickle her head so that she gets use to me reaching out to her. She now comes and rubs around my legs and purrs.
Princess loves to lay on the bed on a heat pad curled up with my teddy bear which has been a comfort to family cats and dogs over the years. She also now comes to greet me when I get home.

Princess needs a home with someone who understands that she isn’t perfect. In the last two weeks she has come on in leaps and bounds although she still has the odd moment. She oozes love and you feel you want to just kiss her and make her life better.

If you think you can offer her the chance at a loving, permanent home, please contact us.