Our fosterers do an amazing job, and we couldn’t help as many animals without them. It’s nice when a new animal comes in for them to spend some time with a fosterer before they go to the rehoming centre as it means we can get a better idea about their character, their health and their likes and dislikes!

One of our fosterers recently wrote a little diary about her new foster cat, Lily Rose – it’s a lovely insight into the life of a rescue cat, just finding her paws.

My family moved house and left me behind with our dog.  I then spent two weeks wandering around the garden wondering when they would come back for me.  It was cold and often wet at night – how I wished for a nice warm home with food and fresh water.

A kindly neighbour noticed I had been left behind so started to leave food out for me each day, and one day, another lady came with a carrier and took me to the dreaded vets. I was de-bugged, which was good, but I felt very scared as so much was happening which I didn’t understand. The lady then returned again with the carrier. I really thought I was going back to that awful life in the garden.

When the carrier was next opened I shot out and hid under the first thing I saw.

A lady named Foster Mum looked under the bed at me and called my name. She appeared kind and gentle, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I was indoors at last but I didn’t feel safe just yet. I never ever want to live outside again.

I risked taking a few treats from Foster Mum and could see food bowls and a litter tray but I stayed hidden as long as I could.

Five hours later I needed the litter tray and I was hungry so I crept out for a look around.

There was food and toys and it was a warm house. Foster Mum was nice, but I was scared when she stood near me and bent down to stroke me. I liked her to be at my level.  I was so scared she would pick me up and chuck me out, so if she went to touch me with two hands I’d run under the bed.

The next morning I asked for food at 5am and then played for a while with Foster Mum.  A few hours later I was left in the home on my own which was great as I could have a good nose around and get use to all the different rooms.

When she came back several hours later she called me and gave me treats. I didn’t even get told off when I fell asleep on the bed with the teddy bear.

I noticed that Foster Mum didn’t like spiders so I decided to get rid of them for her. Unfortunately catching spiders seems to get me into bother, they move quickly and I would trip over photographs and small ornaments trying to get them – luckily they didn’t fall on the floor!

As a treat for Foster Mum I decided when it was bed time I would cuddle up to her. The trouble is I am a wriggler and keep rolling about and fell off the bed, which made her laugh. I have a nice comfy chair to sleep on now – I don’t fall off that so much.

I’ve started to get more confident around the house now. I like to get up early and go to the large window to watch other cats walking along the garden wall. They don’t know I am here, but the birds do.

I was given a fluffy toy squirrel which Foster Mum puts cat nip into. I also have an old scratching post as I kept scratching the chair back.  I am getting much better though and nearly always remember to use the proper scratching post instead.

Oh and I love watching Autumn Watch and sit in front of the TV, only I got a bit excited when they showed some birds flying and jumped up onto the cabinet to try and catch them.

I even managed to give Chris Packham a high five.

Outside looks interesting, but still scares me a bit so I think I’ll be happy staying indoors…at least for now. There are always lots of toys in here for me to play with – the ones with catnip in them are my favourite. I really like sitting on newspapers, and it’s great fun helping to unpack the shopping when Foster Mum comes home – there’s nearly always treats in there for me! But I’ve discovered that I really don’t like fish, and much prefer food with meat or chicken in it. Foster Mum has learned this too and she makes sure I get only the food I like. She’s very nice to me. I’m still not confident enough to sit on her lap for a proper cuddle but I might one day.

But although it’s lovely here, I hope I get a nice home soon. I think people will like me as I am very well behaved. I spend 50% of my day sleeping and the rest is playing with my toys, watching the birds on the feeders or washing as I am VERY CLEAN.

Lily Rose is available for adoption – if you’re interested in giving her the home she deserves, please contact us