Albie’s Story

Here’s a lovely little story from someone who rehomed a rescue cat from Animal Krackers 2 years ago. Rescue animals may not always be the easiest option, but they can bring the biggest rewards!

“Albie is one of my closest friends. Brought into a rescue centre in Sunderland two years ago on Christmas Eve at 3 o’clock whilst at that very same moment, I was at the vets in Durham saying goodbye to my beautiful Archie cat (that’s him in my fb banner pic). Bronia spotted Albie on the rescue centre’s website and we went and got him a couple of days after New Year’s Eve despite being gutted about the loss of Archie. They reckoned he was about 18 months and was a full Tom cat until he was abandoned and the centre had him neutered. They knew he was owned by a couple who split up and just left him in the flat to fend for himself until the landlord found him. He was called Tinkerbell for some reason despite being a massive Thomas?

He’s spent the last 22 months getting used to his new home really. Right from the start he followed me everywhere, to the toilet, to the kitchen, into the garden, up the stairs, down the stairs, into the attic, he even runs after our car when we go to work! And he’s always there when we drive up our street, waiting for us, in fact he sleeps in next doors coal bunker most days until he hears the car, when he will appear covered in coal dust and ready for dinner.

Despite all that he never really let either of us touch him, he’d just duck out the way whenever we tried, he hated being on the bed which is really weird for a cat (he did, despite being neutered, dry hump all the cushions and sometimes my leg tho which was slightly disturbing but also quite cute). We have been working on getting him to trust us more and last night he spent his first night on the bed sleeping in a tight ball tucked up against me, pushing into my hand whenever he woke up. We have been able to stroke him and love him up a bit for the last month or so and have found an air gun pellet under the skin of his back leg which is something that must have happened to him sometime before he was abandoned.

So the crux of the story is that Albie would just like to say that when you take an animal from a centre they may not be the cute fluffer that you had quite hoped for right from the start. Just because you were kind enough to go get em and shove a few cans of food on a plate for them doesn’t mean they will act all grateful straight away. They need love and understanding and a massive amount of patience because like most of us, they probably carry a little baggage emotionally. I remember the man at the centre saying he wished folks would persists a little longer when they took cats, bringing a pussy cat back just because he or she didn’t ‘take to the kids straight away’ or ‘just hid under the bed for a week’ is a poor show.

From my point of view Albie has been a challenge but a really rewarding one. We always got kittens before him because I wasn’t sure you could have the same bond with a rescue cat, well Albie has proved to me that you absolutely can.”

Jonny Swift

100 Cats Rehomed!

So today was a good day for cat rehoming – 2 cats adopted within ten minutes of each other, taking our total so far this year to a fantastic 100!

Unfortunately, 2 new cats also arrived at Ferry Farm, so we’re still at full capacity with so many more waiting to come in. We aim to help as many as we can but we’re desperately in need of fosterers to help with short term care, and more importantly, we really need permanent loving homes for all of our animals.

There are so many cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs waiting to find their furever homes. If you think you can help with short term care, or if you can offer one our animals a happy ending, please CONTACT US.


UPDATE (19/07/15) A Further 3 cats have been rehomed and another reserved, which will take our total to 104! This is our best weekend for rehoming in a long time but we still have many more amazing animals who need your help.