Message from Peter Baker, the Animal Welfare Wildlife Crime Police Officer, appealing for people to sign a petition to create a public register for people convicted of animal cruelty

Hello.  I am very passionate and keen to promote good animal welfare practice.  Well today I managed to get my petition live on parliament’s petition website.  My petition is to ask the government to create a public register of people banned from keeping animals in the UK.  If this was to happen it would mean that anyone buying or selling animals would be able to check online that the buyer/seller does not have animal cruelty convictions and are a trusted buyer/seller.  This way you can be satisfied the animal has likely been/will likely be treated kindly.  I believe this is the key way we can prevent cruelty to animals.  The petition is live for 6 months.  I need 10,000 signatures for a government response but my aim is for 100,000 signatures by 2nd August 2021 to have it debated live in parliament.

Please can I ask that you all sign the petition below.  It literally takes 20 secs to sign and confirm your email.

Please can you share my post with all your friends and as many groups as you can on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to get 100,000 signatures.  I believe with this in place it will make a big difference to animal welfare.  Thanks.

Peter Baker – Animal Welfare Wildlife Crime Police Officer


Some sites can’t share due to members only.  There is an option to share to various social media when you click on link.  Just scroll to bottom under signatures.

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