Meet Panda

Poor Panda was found dumped under a bin in a field, in such a state – she was very thin,  had a very severe skin condition and even had a splodge of blue paint on her leg! The fur round her eyes was missing… hence the name Panda.

A couple of weeks of steroid treatment and she really improved however and she’s blossoming into the most beautiful girl. She has the most magical blue eyes!! She’s still missing some fur on her face, but this will grow back in time and she’s a happy, purry, chatty girl who loves food and cuddles more than anything in the world.

She did have a microchip, so we know she’s around 6 years old, but her owners couldn’t be contacted unfortunately, so now she is looking for a new family to love her. She will probably need steroid treatment for life to control her condition, but we’ll get this down the minimum level possible.

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