Meet Noodle!

Poor Noodle was found as a stray, and had obviously been out in the cold for some time. She seemed very grateful to be taken in by a lady who already had a number of cats, so she came to us to find her new forever home.

She’s proven to be a VERY affectionate and loving cat, and loves cuddles on your lap – sometimes preferring to call up on you for fuss rather than eating her breakfast!

She can occasionally be a little timid if she meets a new person, but if that person is offering food or treats, she comes round very quickly. Although she seems to really enjoy the warmth of a home, we do think she would like some outdoor access at some point. She can be quite playful – her ping pong ball is her favourite toy – but sometimes she gets carried away, particularly if there is a drawstring or shoelace to play with, so probably best with older children only.

If you’re interested in adopting Noodle, please contact us:

Angela McGhin

Andrea Parkin