Meet Nightingale & Marceau

Neutered, vaccinated pair. These are Animal Krackers little oddball couple.

Nightingale is a beautiful, all-black, dwarf cross female who can be a little sweetheart or a little diva. Marceau is her funny little husband who likes to steal her vegetables and then run round with them in his mouth like a lunatic.

Nightingale was an unwanted pet and was living in a very small cage before she came to us. Marceau was from a terrible cruelty case – he came to us at 7 days old. He may be a little guy but he has heart and out of the 26 we rescued only he and 4 others survived.

Both of these rabbits love to run about and play. Nightingale tells Marceau off sometimes for being an idiot but they always end up cuddled together cheek to cheek. All they need now is a home!!

IDEAL HOME: Definitely outdoors. Best with someone with a little bit of rabbit experience.

If you’re interested in adopting Nightingale & Marceau, please contact us:

Joanna Rodgers
Tel: 07804 900 007

Andrea Parkin
Tel: 07828 183 401