Meet Jake

Jake is far and away the most popular of the dogs at the kennels from the dog walker’s point of view.  He is a treasure!  So appreciative of his walks, so easy to walk and there is never any trouble passing other dogs on the way.  One lady regularly takes travels from Seaburn to pick him up, takes him back to Seaburn and makes a lovely day of it.  She cannot have a dog herself as she lives in a flat and has major work commitments.  Jake is very healthy, has good teeth and would make a wonderful addition to almost any home.

“In my experience over 16 years re-homing dogs greyhounds never (almost never, there was one occasion!) are returned after having been re-homed.  Jake is an ex racing greyhound but provided there is not another greyhound around he seems to show no interest in small animals or small dogs.” (Phil Ripley)

If you’re interested in adopting Jake, please contact us:

Andrea Parkin
Mobile: 07828 183 401

Phil Ripley
Mobile: 07722 738 762