Farmer is an eight year old friendly little dog and  he gets on very well with other dogs and children. He is excellent in the car.  Farmer has been castrated and vaccinated.

Farmer needs to go to an energetic person or family and not to an elderly person….he adores his walks.

As you can see from the video Farmer can easily be walked off the leader.  He has always kept close to me on his walks and as soon as I have called him he wags his tail and comes over to see me.  It is then easy to place his leader back on.

The lady and gentleman who asked us to take Farmer in have a sick child who is in need of regular trips to the hospital. They also found it difficult because they do not own the home which they lived.

If you’re interested in adopting Farmer, please contact us:

Andrea Parkin
Mobile: 07828 183 401

Phil Ripley
Mobile: 07722 738 762