Meet Dave

Neutered, vaccinated male. Dave is a 5 year old dutch house bunny. His previous owner took him to the vet to have him put to sleep because he was no longer wanted. We can hardly believe this because Dave is brilliant.

He is litter trained and loves to binky round the house. He can zoom round a room at a million miles an hour and then lie quietly under a chair. Dave isn’t at all fazed by cats and actually loves to be around them. Although he doesn’t like being picked up he loves having his head rubbed and being made a fuss of.

So far Dave hasn’t found a girlfriend. We have given him a few dates but he seems very content to be a bachelor (we haven’t given up hope yet though!)

IDEAL HOME: Definitely indoors (although he does enjoy a wander round the garden).

If you’re interested in adopting Dave, please contact us:

Joanna Rodgers
Tel: 07804 900 007

Andrea Parkin
Tel: 07828 183 401